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Thursday, 19 February 2009

Snake found in living room sofa

Two young friends made a slithery discovery inside their New York City home yesterday. A 4 - ½ foot Boa constrictor (Pictured)was tucked in the cushion of their living room sofa. The two friends, Jhomar Bennett and Danny Yaustella, both 7, felt something moving beneath them as they watched tv. After shaking out one of the seating cushions they found the intruder which fell in a ball on the floor. Bennett’s distressed mother called police to the home on 62nd Street, but the cops opted to leave the removal of the creature to animal control. It’s not clear where the Boa came from but animal control recon the toilet is the most likely place. One of the animal control officers who removed the snake said "Sometimes people flush their living pets down the toilet and if they survive they can make their way into other peoples homes via the sewer pipes.

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